How Can I Get Weed in DC?

How Can I Get Weed in DC

Getting or buying weed in DC is simple once you understand what you’re up against. When considering strange weed laws worldwide, DC sits right up top for its recreational weed laws. But all hope is not lost. We have a plan to help you out with your quest for weed in DC.

After visiting DC and learning about their strange weed laws, I decided to help out by simplifying the process of getting some weed safely while visiting DC. Let’s get started on what you need to know to buy weed in DC without getting in trouble and getting the quality of bud you want.

What You Must Know Before Hunting weed in DC

DC is a pretty strange city. Part of it is federal land, and part is a quasi-state/city. What does this mean for someone visiting DC, picking up weed and traveling back to your accommodations?

Avoid Federal Charges

You’ll get a weed charge if you’re stopped by the police on federal property. The feds don’t play, and neither should you. Know where you’re located at all times.

You can’t legally buy weed in DC, nor can it be sold to you legally. That’s correct; it’s illegal to buy or sell weed in DC. But it’s not illegal to give someone weed. The official term is “gifting” weed to someone. This is the legal workaround that makes recreational weed possible in DC.

There are numerous weed shops in DC, but they are not really weed shops. They are gifting services or merchants. Let me elaborate to clarify the confusing statement.

As an example, there is a company called “street Lawyers.” They do not sell weed, but they do offer opinions on legal advice. Just walk in, ask them a legal question, pay them for their advice and they gift you some weed for using their service.

There’s another one that sells local street art. There seems to be a direct correlation between the value of the artwork and the amount of weed you are gifted. Understand?

The more you pay for a product or service, the more weed that’s gifted to you. You can legally possess up to 2 ounces of weed in DC at any given time.

Never ask to buy weed; you’ll make the shop owner/workers ignore you. They can’t legally sell weed, only their services or legal products, such as street art.

Here’s the step-by-step process for buying weed in DC.

  1. Visit a local directory by searching in Google for a local guide to buying weed in DC, like this one on Urban Aroma. It’s the one I used because it was complete, but others can help.
  2. Learn the laws on these local guides.
  3. Decide on delivery or curbside pickup if you don’t want to enter the shop. You can go into these shops and ask questions, just don’t ask to buy weed. 
  4. Visit the directory’s listing of local gifting services. Find your store.
  5. Order online for delivery and curbside pickup.
  6. Enjoy your spoils.

This is just a short explanation of how it works. I highly suggest you find one of the local guides before starting the process. It took me less than 2 hours for it to be delivered to me, and one other time I picked it up in-store. Still, it worked out fine, thanks to these local guides that teach you how to enjoy safely and absent any legal issues. 

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